Monday, 2 December 2013

This week.

Another week, another pile of documented noms.

I discovered Vegan Richa and all of the recipes look amazing! I am particularly in love with dal of almost any kind so got involved with her Toor dal recipe. SO GOOD. Served on basmati with steamed greens, poppadum and lemon.

There was a pretty serious build up for leftovers going at one point so we had home-made Lentil as Anything :) Rice paper roll, toor dal, garlic greens with duck and a few fried dumplings (Asian grocer frozen section style) served with basmati and lemon.


Made my weekly batch of THE WINNER OF ALL SOUPS - white bean and roasted mushroom. I've had this almost every week for a year... it's too good! Lately I've been substituting one of the tins of beans for a few potatoes and also throwing a carrot in. This recipe is an epic winner with omnis too FYI :)

Pesto and garlic roast shrooms with sunflower, pepita and pumpkin seeds. Garlic and onion fried greens and cous cous. So simple - SO TASTY.

Made possibly the best batch of scrambled tofu ever. Managed to not completely drown it in soy like usual and actually tasted the ingredients. I always thoroughly caramelise an onion (20mins cooking time minimum) before adding the rest - it's key! Threw in chopped mushies, minced garlic, crumbled firm tofu, bag of baby spinach, chopped tomato, cumin, paprika, tumeric, dried oregano, sweet soy, light soy and a huge amount of fresh lemon juice. Top with sesame seeds and you're good to go.

Seeing as how it was a day, that exists, I went to Las Vegan. That is all the reason I need. Didn't photograph my tempbacon, chicken nugget and avo wrap with chips as it looked exactly the same as the other week but I did snap the sour cherry pancakes and cherry ripe brownie. Win, win and win. I hope that wrap never leaves the specials board.

FINALLY checked out Little Deer Tracks after being a huge slacker the last two years! Man it was good. Sunday brunch, easy to get a park, walked straight into a table, great menu options, cheap prices, good coffee. Love.

Jeff got house beans on house-made sourdough $9.50 and added avo and shrooms (a few dollars each). The serve of beans was mammoth, he never had a chance. Beans were smokey and rich and amazing but maybe get them as a side unless you have two stomachs.

I got avo on house-made sourdough $8.50 and added a hash and shrooms (a few dollars). Shrooms were AMAZING and so was bread. You will find me here every weekend (unless I am at Las Vegan... the dilemma!)

Tried Oh She Glows' raw pad Thai salad tonight (35 degrees and all). It was okay. I may have gone overboard with the dressing and WOW this was rich. I'm thinking of cooking the leftovers and serving on rice to break up the madness.

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  1. I just ate that Pad Thai salad and it was the best thing ever.