Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Edamame hommus and tofu wraps.

After seeing the vegan blogosphere light up with amazing looking noms from Isa's new book, I gave in and got myself a copy. That was an excellent decision as it's full of the most wonderful recipes (and is super well-designed).

The first recipe I had to try was her edamame hommus and tofu wraps. Hommus, using edamame instead of chickpeas and with the addition of wasabi powder - YES PLEASE. Plus, fried tofu and sprouts on mountain bread? Also yes please. The dish is very simple to whip up and has amazing results. I added cucumber and chilli sauce to my version and they were a crowd-pleaser all 'round. Also the recipe makes HEAPS of hommus which means salad rolls just got better.

Beef and black bean.

This meal has been on fairly high rotation the last few months. Blue Dragon have a vegan black bean sauce that seems to constantly be on special for $2 at Coles and I've discovered these veg beef strips at my local KFL supermarket, $2.55. Grab some fresh veggies on the way home from work, re-hydrate the strips for 30 minutes (squeeze out water once softened) and get the brown rice cooking - weeknight win.