Sunday, 18 August 2013

Foodz of late.

More of the favorites, some new places and home cooked things too - it's all happening over here.

Cornish wins. Crispy duck BLT, chicken Hawaiian pizza and chicken and bacon burger.

A Minor Place - creamy henry's beans, toast with avo and shrooms and quesadilla.

This mint chocolate is available from the Brunswick IGA and is actual crack. Also available in strawberry, orange and lemon, it's dairy-free, $1.69 and completely addictive.

I made dumplings, they are ugly and DELICIOUS.

Work lunches are always healthy and tasty. This day was spiced lentil and chickpea patties with salad. I would have had them the night before with steamed veggies.

Work night stir-fry. Tofu with every vegetable in the produce section drowned in chilli and soy.

Karly says this was the "BEST VEGAN CINNAMON BUN IN THE WORLD!" from Mr Nice Guy.

Awkward car lunch. Store-bought felafel with salad and delicious Shuki and Louisa hummus.

Tried a raw lunch from Shokuiku in Northcote. Salad plate with three salads and tart was $10 and damn tasty. Raw cakes afterwards were equally NOM. Guilt-free desserts FTW.

My favorite dish from my favorite Thai place - black pepper garlic tofu from Kao Thai. Man this dish is seriously DELICIOUS. Only down side is that it's a small serve for the price. This means I only get it once every few months instead of once a week like my old Thai place.

Went to see what all the fuss was about at Shop Ramen. It's true - the vegan cashew milk ramen was tasty. I wasn't in love but it felt wholesome and warm. Smoked tofu bun was a winner but only two mouthfuls large and a bit overpriced.

Considering I've almost made my way through the entire Veggie Bar menu it wasn't a surprise that I hadn't tried a salad until recently. Salad, blah. THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED. This house salad was fantastic and I've dreamt of it many times since. In fact, I'm going there today for it! Fresh salad leaves covered in raw and baked veggies, crispy marinated tofu logs of dreams covered in some sort of magic brown dressing... it's special.

We were on south side for a movie the other night. We go to south side about twice a year and usually end up at Veg Out Time. Veg Out Time was closed, forever, we were lost and confused. Luckily I was feeling junky and we were walking distance from Mr Natural. Enter - garlic cheese pizza and pepperoni/everything pizza. Best wholemeal bases!