Monday, 31 October 2011

Brown Brothers.

Most wines are clarified with eggs, milk and fish bladder.
This is annoying.
Brown Brothers however are totally awesome and often (but not always) don't use animal products in their clarification process.
If they can do it and make amazing tasting wine, why can't everyone?
Until then, I am fairly sure I'm finding the Brown Brothers empire.


With so many chips and crackers containing cheese powder it can be hard to find junky/party snacks that vegans can enjoy.
I've eaten maaaaaaany bags of original Kettle chips and plain salted crackers.
I found Sakata whole grain crackers on the weekend, the smokey BBQ flavour was vegan!
I can't find a pic though so here, behold original whole grain sakata crackers.
The smokey BBQ ones were very tasty and a welcomed change.

Actually, while on the topic - BBQ flavoured shapes and Peckish salt'n'vinegar Thins are vegan, woo!

Whittakers orange chocolate.

Yes this is a whole post dedicated to Whittakers orange chocolate.
It seems I left it off my fave chocolate post (clearly I was delirious to make such a mistake).
Anyways it's awesome and rich with chewy orange pieces!
Thank you Whittakers for making delicious dairy-free chocolate :)

Loving Hut.

It's no secret that we all love Loving Hut.
I mean, it's only the tastiest place on earth (earth = Brisbane).
Deep fried salt and pepper mushroom, garlic butter cutlets, creamy carbonara, lasagne, crispy chow mein noodles, steamed veggie buns, cream cheese wontons... oh how the list goes on.
Tonight was salt'n'pepper shroom, polenta with napoli veggies and garlic butter cutlets on cous cous with veggies.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Natures Organics.

Natures Organics are awesome because they're cruelty-free and SUPER cheap.
I have a theory that they're so cheap cause they can double their sales (eco/cruelty-free buyers and bargain hunters! Both me...)
It's cool cause most cruelty-free/eco/earth-friendly products are expensive so this way more people unexpectedly buy good products!
Anyways Natures Organics do shampoo, conditioner, soaps, laundry liquids, dishwashing detergent, floor cleaner and more.
I MAY own the whole set...

St Ives.

St Ives is cruelty-free, I use the apricot scrub and it's great :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Cottee's topping is cruelty free! and Delicious! great to have over berries for dessert... or on your breakfast cereal.

Monday, 24 October 2011


Naan bread is made with yoghurt and usually ghee or milk too.
Eating out at Indian places just got a little sadder.
Eating in however, there is nothing to fear.
Space Bazaar on Logan Road near Garden City sells bulk packs of vegan naan!
It's only a few dollars for a three pack but each naan is a bit bigger than a pizza, huge.
I buy the pack then cut the naans into single serve pieces then freeze.
On curry nights I grab a couple out, cover them in fresh minced garlic, oil and salt then bake 'til crispy - amazing.

Also, a great cheat's naan is Pampas reduced fat pastry.
You cut it into pieces, then throw in a hot fry pan.
When bottom side is cooking add fresh garlic, oil and salt (and I add chopped herbs) to the top then carefully flip.
Each piece puffs up in the pan and you just press it down with spatula.
It's cooked and crisp in about a minute and tastes JUST like chewy naan.


Palmers is cruelty-free plus the moisturiser smells like yummy.

Face of Australia.

It can be hard and EXPENSIVE to find cruelty-free make-up.
Unless you buy super pricey mineral eco organic blah blah from Myer, it's tough.
I spent a solid 40mins looking at the back of every mascara and eye liner in Priceline a few months back and almost gave up before I came across Face of Australia.
They're completely cruelty-free and super cheap too!
I use the mascara and eye liner and both have been good.


Of all the many dairy-free chocolates I have tried, these are my faves;
  • IGA Signature (home brand) is the best (and cheapest!) as it's a very milky dark chocolate.
  • Whittakers dark almond is really good and not too bitter.
  • Alter Eco (sold at Oxfam or Greenslopes IGA) dark mint chocolate is AMAZING, and fair trade :)
  • Also, Oxfam fair trade dark chocolate spread... get it in you.

Lick sorbet.

The new Greenslopes IGA sells Lick chocolate sorbet and it is DEVINE.
It's basically frozen dark chocolate so it's super rich and is best with berries!


Radox is a great cruelty-free surprise!
It's good cause it's affordable and readily available.
So when you can't afford snobby eco soap and don't want Nature's Organics cheapo, this is a good middle of the range option :)

Recipe blogs.

Hey all, Amy here.
Just a quick post to share some fully sick food links.
I follow these vegan/vego blogs and they provide lot's of cool info/recipes.
Check this shit yo.
My favourite vegan/vego recipe site is Veggie Num Num.
It's vego but most recipes are vegan and the ones that aren't she gives vegan options.
I've made about 5 dishes from this site and they all turned out AMAZING.

So yeah, if you need some inspiration these are good.
I also use them to find stuff.
Like if I feel like soup but want to try a new one, I open the blogs and search 'soup' in the search bar or use their 'soup' tags to browse through recipes and pictures.

Enjoy :)


Ecostore products are cruelty-free and smell a treat.
Here me rave over here.

White Glo.

White Glo toothpaste is a cruelty-free win.


Proactiv products are cruelty-free.
Bunnies around the world rejoice.

Mother Earth baked fruit sticks.

Mother Earth baked fruit sticks.

Arnotts biscuits.

It's good to have non-Oreo biscuits to choose from.
Arnotts have a fair few varieties that are vegan, including ginger nut, chocolate ripple, lemon crisp and chocolate peanut butter brownie biscuits (not pictured but they come in one of those cookie foil-style bags).
Get them in you.

Finger buns.

OMFG Woolies/Coles iced finger buns are vegan.
I am eating a 6 pack for lunch.

Delizia gelato.

The chocolate gelato from Delizia is a winner and the 5L tub in M&T&K's fridge is disappearing fairly quickly.
It tastes like paddlepop and makes life much nicer.


Behold the greatness of Nesquick, and all it's chocolate and strawberry vegan goodness!