Monday, 9 December 2013

Bathroom bits.

I am in love with Aunt Maggies organic grocery store. I actually can't go to Fitzroy without stopping by. I usually don't even buy anything, I just love looking at all the amazing goods! More teas than I've ever seen in my life, an amazing range of soy cheeses/yoghurts/ice creams etc. and so many great beauty and cleaning products.

I've been searching for a cruelty-free deodorant FOREVER and have finally found my winner. I got this Body Crystal spray (vanilla scented) for $5.95 and it works a treat! Also got around to getting cruelty-free toothpaste that isn't White Glo. White Glo is good that it's not tested on animals BUT in the meantime I am killing the environment with 345 spare toothbrushes (that you can't buy the toothpaste without!) Grants it is, and about $3.95 from memory with a fabulous legit vintage design.

I'm always excited by affordable cruelty-free body products, we all win.

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