Thursday, 31 October 2013

Food has happened.

I'm getting lazier and lazier with posts... I guess giant posts with a huge amount of food in it are how it's gonna be from now on cause posting more regularly is never going to happen.

So, behold some of the past months noms!

Firstly, Berrissimo is the greatest place on earth. I'm not even a big sweet tooth and I still find myself dreaming of it. Here is raspberry tart with chocolate mousse and coconut. Below is Chocolate mousse with NUTELLA, chocolate truffle balls and chocolate golden roughs. OH MY GOD VEGAN HEAVEN.

The Trinity Bakehouse in Flemington is deliciously close to work and serves two types of vegan bahn mi! Chilli lemongrass tofu (BEST) and vegan ham. $5.50 and awesome.

Karly made Chinese 5 spice seiten one time, it was amazing.

Las Vegan chocolate banana brownies as big as your head for my birthday picnic :)

Veggie Bar salads with mum for my birthday. I got marinated tofu which is confusingly tasty and mum got crispy brown rice balls with satay. Side of chips was completely unnecessary as these are the biggest salads on earth but it was MY BIRTHDAY and I demanded chips.

Picnic times in my new giant backyard. I made my usual, famous sausage rolls, which are usually inhaled within about 3-3.5 minutes. Karly made my favourite Mexican salad!

Miranda made a lemon butter cake and Tess made double chocolate cheesecake. Double the delicious.

One day I got lunch from Fruits of Passion near work. Pretty epic roast veggie and pesto turkish roll with chips, naturally. This was delicious and surprisingly cheap (roll was about $7/$9 and was massive)... again, chips unnecessary (but necessary).

Winter was an excuse to eat this as often as possible. Fry's country chicken and mushroom pies with mash, greens and onion gravy.

The weekend before my diet started... made 120 dumplings! These never get any less delicious.

Indian feast from the most delicious Indian place in Brunswick West - Tandoor n Spices. This place does not look like much and has limited dining in space/atmosphere but YES it serves up the yummiest food.

Toor dal, can't ever not get it.

Giant plate of onion bhaji, crispy delights.


Vegetable pilaf rice and garlic wholemeal roti.

Potato and pea curry.

Aloo tikki. Potato cakes stuffed with spiced lentils and deep fried... with tamarind sauce - YUM.

We had an eight day adventure in Tasmania earlier this month! It was pretty awesome. We mostly did camp cooking (burgers, shrooms and beans breakfast, packet curries with rice and greens etc.) but a few times we ate out like fancy people!

Only one lousy picture of delicious Buddha Thai in Launceston. I am enjoying a fantastic pad see ew and Jeff got a red curry with rice.

MoMo Bubble Tea and Coffee House in Hobart was a good mock meat haven. This BBQ duck was INSANELY tasty. We went twice and possibly ordered the same thing...

Soy burger with chips.

These BBQ shiitake ribs were other worldy... I could have eaten about 99 of them. How do they make mushrooms taste like smokey sticky heaven? I don't know but you need to eat them, now.

The biggest win of Tassie eating was Garden of Vegan in Launceston. WOW this place was special, and beautiful. They have a set daily menu that worked out very well for us! It was a freezing wet day and laksa was on the menu!

Chai lattes (on crockery from my childhood!)

Cold sesame noodle dish which Nia thoroughly enjoyed.


Most wholesome and delicious laksa I've ever eaten. Everything tasted really healthy and nutritious and good for you. Anyone who can make laksa feel like that is a winner. I didn't even feel greasy afterwards!

Raw cheesecake and truffle for dessert, naturally.