Monday, 25 November 2013

All of the food.

Theme of the week has been Eating Your Pain. Let the food begin.

Made felafel salad, it's a weekly feature over here. Yumi's sesame felafel balls fried up and served with mixed lettuce leaves, tomato, Spanish onion, kalamata olives, hommus, lemon and sesame seeds.

Came home for my lunch break and made epic noodles with stuff from fridge! Flat rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, tofu, bean sprouts, soy sauce, chilli garlic paste and sesame seeds! So delicious.


Cornish was needed. Jeff went mental and got the Double Down meal. Two chicken patties deep fried and filled with bacon, mayo and cheese. Lettuce also. Served with wedges and slaw, I think his heart stopped half way through. $20 investment, worth it.

I had the usual, can't go past the chicken, bacon and cheese burger on crunchy roll with chunky chips. $17 is more than I'd like to pay but we all know I'll keep going back for more because it is THE BEST. Especially downed with a few ciders.

Laksa King provided it's usual perfection. After years of $9.80 things got crazy, laksa has gone up. Pretty sure I paid $10.05 which seems very weird now but I swear we paid $20.10 for two... anyway, broke the bank. Seriously the best laksa in the world.

Actually tried something new from my To Visit list and went to United Arab Eatery (which everyone seems to love!). Sadly, I felt let down. We got the salad plate for $10 and the serving was just tiny. The cauliflower was awesome but there were only three small florets. $11 falafel plate was even more disappointing. The serve was SO SMALL, it only came with half a piece of bread. Half. Maybe I'm too used to the huge serves at Tibas, Middle Eastern and Mankoushe but this was seriously annoying because we left hungry and th felafel was average.

Moving on from my most disappointing meal in a while is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN! I have been meaning to visit Tofu Shop for nearly two years but you know, Richmond. SO FAR from Brunswick. It's easy to get stuck and lazy and eat what you always do. Anyway I was in the area on Saturday and finally got to Tofu Shop. Got the $16 medium-sized bowl which was massive, took half of it home. There was seasoned rice, curry tofu, tempeh with broccoli, crunchy fritter things, grilled corn salad, tabbouleh, tofu cream, satay cream, salad things... it was fantastic. BUT it got better. I had a slice of raw cake (macadamia, banana and date) with pandan and coconut ice cream afterwards! Cake was good (and only $2!) but oh my god the ice cream ($4.50 for three scoops)... life changing. Best vegan ice cream I've ever had. I would consider moving east for this.

Yeah we were in the city, so... Camy Shanghai. Because it's physically impossible for me to not, even though I wasn't hungry. 20 fried and crispy veggie dumplings for $7.80 = correct. We went crazy and tried the veggie duck ($3.80), this was a mistake. The duck flavour was good, but it was served cold. So cold. That's not okay. Garlic greens of my dreams were PERFECT as always ($12ish). I really just wanted a whole plate to myself. Luckily we brought some home along with ALL of the duck and plan on frying it and serving with rice. Hot duck FTW.

Made rice paper rolls tonight because it's one month 'til Christmas and I have to rapidly lose 5kg... turns out ALL OF THE NOMS comes with a price, an uncomfortable one. So prepare for boring salad and rice paper rolls and soups 'til the new year! (or if I crash, prepare for all of the burgers ever).

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