Monday, 9 December 2013

Thai Lantern.

I was in the Alphington area last night and desperately needed Thai to finish off the weekend. A quick Google let me to Thai Lantern.

My go to lately is pad see ew. This was the first time I've ever seen it done with vermicelli noodles. Where were my big thick flat rice noodles!? The smokey taste was there which was good but still, tiny noodles are a no. No tofu either which is always a bit of a let down. Standard floret or two of broccoli and cabbage with carrots. $11.90 and it just managed to hit the spot.

We also tried the deep fried mushrooms for $7. These were button mushrooms in batter with no additional seasoning/marinade. They taste exactly how you image - battery. Wouldn't get these again.

Thai Lantern was okay, and affordable. That's as good as it gets from me though.

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