Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pho House.

Oh hai Pho House! You are my new favourite. Wonderful $10 Vietnamese meals and a two minute drive from my work? I love you. I go here a lot and I am always left satisfied (due to the amazing food and lovely staff!)

Yes, I did go in for this dish five times in the last two weeks. Grilled tofu skewers - $10. Vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce, bean shoots, carrot, cucumber and peanuts with four skewers of deep-fried tofu and Vietnamese dressing - YES PLEASE. This comes with a bowl and you generally get two bowlfuls from a serve. Delicious bargain and my ideal lunch meal.

One of the two bowls it makes up, topped with chilli sauce.

Fried beancurd with vegetables on rice - $10. This is yum and if the above meal did not exist, I may have ordered it more than once but that will never happen because the above meal exists.

Veggie spring rolls - $5 and comes with fresh mint, lettuce leaves and Vietnamese dipping sauce. Rolls are quite mushroomy which was a nice change from cabbageville like most places.

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