Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Eat Fresh Pizza.

I think Eat Pizza in Maribrynong has re-branded to Eat Fresh Pizza. The sign out front has changed and I can only find an Urbanspoon link...

Anyway, I've been obsessed with this place the last year or so. It's our go to pizza shop and has great vegan options. I'm more of a pepperoni and cheese girl than a potato/artichoke/pine nut girl which means I'm usually unimpressed with vegan pizza options as they often consist of a curry/salad on a pizza base. This place though, is what my pizza dreams are made of.

The garlic pizza is SO GOOD, just remember to ask for no cheese (or vegan cheese for $4 extra). I prefer no cheese on this one - the garlic, herbs and dash of sauce are perfect.

We do a make your own style pizza too. On this occasion we gave the vegan pepperoni and ham a miss ($4 each extra) and stuck with vegan cheese, mushrooms, olives, Spanish onion, garlic and herbs. The vegan meats are a great option but triple soy was not ideal on this visit. Garden salad was also purchased which Nia says was surprisingly good and well-dressed.

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