Thursday, 4 July 2013

Middle Eastern Restaurant.

Well seeing as I was so proud of myself for posting the other day, thought I'd keep the blog ball rolling.

Middle Eastern Restaurant offers pretty rough service. Every time I've been, I'm the only one at the counter and they seem very reluctant to serve me. Through muttered words and a pretty heavy language barrier though, orders are placed. Unusually long waits then happen for food, seeing as I only order felafel rolls. These things do not matter. The ranking on the NOM scale for these beauties is right up there. Amazing fresh fried felafel with a huge abundance of pickled veggies (I normally ask for extra but these guys know how it should be done!) I was very happy to sit on freezing Sydney Road on Sunday and devour this $5 winner! Middle Eastern is for when you're in the area and don't want a big sit down meal or fancy service (fancy as in when they serve you). It's also for when pay day is a distant memory.

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