Saturday, 29 June 2013

I live! And I eat.


So it's been almost a year since I've posted here... life gets in the way and stuff. One day I just lost all motivation for blogging (both here and on my design blog). It sucks cause I read blogs religiously and refer to my favourite vegan ones almost every day for recipes and dining out reviews. Wish I could give something back by writing more on here but I've just lost the blog bug! Before I clear the million pictures off my phone I thought I'd share some noms from the last few months. I know my favourite thing on other blogs is the pictures from dining out, always pointing me in the right direction to eat :)

Behold! The food of a non-healthy food-addicted Melbourne vegan adventure;

Crispy "chicken" roti wrap from Veggie Bar with nachos in the background. This place is a sure thing, particularly great to take omnivores to as they do vegetarian food SO WELL.

Assortment of vegan bakery heaven - La Panella.

 This picture is ridiculous (random bed picnic) BUT these dips are THE BEST. Green tahini of my dreams and hands down the best hummus in Melbourne - from Shuki and Louisa.

The day I found out my work was walking distance to I Love Dumplings was a happy one. Also a worry. I do indeed LOVE dumplings and would enjoy them every day if I could. These dumplings were special, they were probably my favourite dumplings in Melbourne. That's a BIG call. Very flavoursome and not too doughy. Serve of 15 for only $8 or so too! Token garlic greens were also shared, equally delicious. I love you I Love Dumplings.

I had wanted to try Munsterhaus for EVER and finally got around to visiting a few months ago. Wow. Food is fantastic and fresh and well seasoned, desserts are delicious too. Best ice cream ever had since going vegan, turns out it's tofu based and made at The Tofu Shop! Deliciousness aside, these guys were a tad expensive for me ($16 for medium bowl of salads) so they're a special occasion place.

I had been told all about Shakahari, everyone seems to love that place. It too is a special occasion spot with mains around $20. This satay was AMAZING but I wasn't a huge fan of the service. Won't rush back.

 The service at Eat Pizza however - outstanding! I called and asked for a pizza with the lot (vegan salami, vegan ham, vegan cheese and every veggie in sight) and the staff were super bubbly and got it all right. I had a chat with the guys behind the counter when I got there and they said they get a lot of vegans traveling out to the Maribyrnong store for these pizzas. I don't blame them! It was awesome and is my new go to for vegan pizza noms. The website is under construction which sucks but I just called and asked what was available - Eat Pizza.

 Piano Piano was a sneaky win in East Brunswick. With Milkwood and New Day Rising just down the way we've never been able to break the tradition and try something new but so glad we did. Creamy beans on toast with avo to the left, shrooms and avo to the right. Shrooms are pre-cooked in butter but the staff were happy to fry me some in oil. Pretty damn tasty for a dish so simple.

 Tasty tom yum from Your Thai in the city. Tuesday night uni classes meant I was here pretty much every week for soup times.

A quick trip to Brisbane last month meant we drove straight to Banana Lounge. These guys started up about six months after we moved down to Melbourne - wish we hadn't missed them! Pretty awesome breakfast. My wrap was the stand out, Mexican beans/tofu were decent and the desserts were great. We went back for the buffet the next day which was not so good. Sadly on weekends it's buffet only so you can't order the regular breakfast items OR the lunch items. If we go back it will be a Mon-Fri trip I think - or weekend lunch only.

 We've been basically living at Lentil As Anything since we moved down last year. Tasty menu of vegan treats that change twice a day for pay-as-you-feel? Don't mind if I do! Took us ages to finally get around to trying the breakfast which unlike the usual buffet set up is a la carte. WOW. This breakfast is amazing. We went back almost every weekend for the month after. I got a crepe with potato rosti in it covered in a rich bean sauce. We also got corn cakes with rosti and bean sauce, it had caramelised onions too. These meals were above and beyond, best way to start the day and a refreshing break from avo on toast.

 Vegan chocolate mousse frozen yoghurt!!!!!!! Tastes like soft serve over frozen yoghurt but who cares!? It's heaven in a cup and I can hardly stay away when I'm in Fitzroy - from Berrissimo.
 Of course we've been to LORD a few times. Classic cheeseburger with fries and onion rings. Best onion rings I've ever had. You do feel like dying afterwards but it's in that good delicious-junkfood-clogging-your-arteries kind of way.

 Purple Peanuts aren't very vegan-friendly. All that was on offer was a rice salad and a rice ball, that turned out to be made out of the rice salad. It was a damn tasty rice salad but still, I was hoping for more Japanese noms.

Wonderbao I love you so much! Vegan steamed BBQ buns and crispy tofu delights! Also cheap as all hell, filling you up for around $5-$9 for an assortment of noms.


 Oh Las Vegan - you make me so happy. Fresh baked olive sourdough, home made chips and tempacon of my dreams. Snitz burger that tastes like happiness and sour cherry pancakes with cherry ripe brownies. You have never done me wrong. Service is a bit dodgy and slow but I will always visit you regularly because the food is FANTASTIC and so cheap.

 Cherry chocolate cupcake and BANANA AND SALTED CARAMEL CHEESECAKE from Mr Nice Guy = yes <3

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