Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cornish Arms.

Oh Cornish, you kill me. Dieting vegans should just stay away, so far away. This place is heaven. Vegan parmas, chicken bacon and cheese burgers, beef burgers, eggplant chips, curries, pizzas and cheesecakes... Happy times. Sunday and Monday are $12 parma days so that's normally when we loiter. I used to swear by the parma but actually ordered something different (almost unheard of!) a few weeks ago and now the chicken burger is my fave. Vegan chicken, bacon, cheese and mayo on a white roll with chips? Correct. $12, even better. Jeff went CRAZY and ordered the vegan mixed grill. It sounded like a monstrosity of barbequed fake meats, and it was. It was DAMN TASTY, all meats were smokey and chewy and non-soy tasting. Creepy real... for $20. So yeah, Cornish are the winners of vegan pub food and destroyers of my healthy eating plan.

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