Thursday, 3 November 2011

Junky take-away.

UPDATE AUGUST 18 2013 - Nandos veggie burgers are no longer vegan.

I have done extensive research into this one.
Hungry Jacks veggie patties have cheese in them, so even asking for no mayo or cheese is a no go (which is lame cause they are delicious!)
Nandos however have great vegan veggie burgers (asking for no mayo of course) and the peri peri chips are an epic win.
I eat a faiiiiir bit of those...
Anyways, Oporto veggie burgers are vegan (minus the mayo/cheese) and they are a very tasty treat.
Pizza Hut and Dominos have dairy in their pizza sauce, so no escaping that.
Eagle Boys however is great as their sauce (and therefore dairy-free veggie pizzas) is vegan and they're the tastiest pizza chain anyways.
So yeah, your diabetes can thank me later but your tastebuds can thank me now!

P.S yes there is cheese on that Eagle Boys pizza pic, but use your imagination people :)


  1. I am interested in these Oporto burgers! Do you know what they fry their chips in? As Oporto have the best chips!

  2. The lemon and herb sauce from oportos is also vegan! Delicious and a good mayo substitute :)

  3. Yes the Oporto burgers are AMAZING. It's your usual bubble'n'squeak pattie but Indian spiced and perfectly coupled with the lemon and herb sauce. The chips are not pre-fried in tallow (beef fat, like a lot of take-away chips are) and I'm pretty sure are fried in regular veggie oil. I emailed Oporto once and they said it was all good :) If you're still unsure you should give them an email too, they got back to me pretty quickly! *Mmmmmmm, off to eat 100 Oporto burgers*

  4. I went on Saturday and asked and they said it's canola oil! So I got a veggie burger and chips and om nom it was tasty

    Thank you!!

  5. Im a Veggie from birth, I used to love the nandos veggie burger until I watched them cook it....Nandos do a veggie burger and veggie pitta, as well as salads.
    The nandos veggie burger is cooked on the grill with the meat, it is covered in chicken bits and cannot be called veggie or vegan. the salad has grilled green beans also cooked with the meat and the other salad has parmesan cheese.
    so the answer is really NO, nandos do not do ANY veggie food.

    I challenged the nando manager who told me that its company policy and in line with training to cook the everything on the same grill... 'contrary to what the menu says'...
    avoid nandos if your veggie!
    Nandos UK customer care number is 0800 975 8181