Monday, 23 April 2012

Vege Rama.

So my boyfriend is OBSESSED with Vege Rama and has been for the past few years.
He will take any opportunity to pass through the city to get some.
Vege Rama is a food court vego eatery and is a total winner.
Cheap, fast, delicious and addictive.
We went there twice over the weekend much to Jeff's JOY.
The menu changes all the time (new curries/salads etc., the main dishes remain the same).
I can never go past the $5 brown rice with dal deal (looks a bit like vom but tastes a bit like AWESOME and is a huge bargain too good to refuse!!)
For the first time EVER I passed on the crispy kofta balls and instead tried something new (craziness) - the Mexican taquito with salsa.
Wow, this is the shiz.
It was crispy and filled with spicey beany goodness and the salsa was TASTY and fresh.
Jeff got the same three curry and brown rice deal ($9) that he always gets with a rice ball on the side.
The curries that day were dal, potato something rather and THAI PUMPKIN.
Thai pumpkin got capitals as it's THE TASTIEST THING YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.
Seriously creamy and rich and amazing.
So yes everybody - go to Vege Rama... now.

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