Monday, 30 April 2012

Recent food adventures.

So we try and try to save money and cut down our dining out but it's just so hard!
Dining out is our favourite thing to do.
Go somewhere, pick tasty food, eat tasty food, no dishes to be done, total satisfaction.
Here are some recent meals.

Tempo is one of our faves for breakfast in West End.
The big vegan breakfast (not cheap at $18.95) has everything you want.
Sourdough toast, marinated tofu, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, asparagus, avocado, house bean mix, mushrooms and home-made relish!
Add a pot of soy chai tea and I'm in heaven.

Sushi Kotobuki is my fave sushi place on south side.
Can't go past the vegetalian (menu typo greatness) with cucumber, cabbage, tofu, carrot avocado and sesame seeds!
A standard avo to accompany is a must along with a drowning in soy and pickled ginger.
My fave $5 lunch!

Jeff got a spoilt birthday adventure to The Green Edge.
Best (and possibly only?) vegan grocery store in Brisbane.
The addition of a little eat-in area and hot food menu was a WIN and resulted in a mushroom and "cheese" burger that was damn tasty.
I can never go past a no-bull pie (not pictured) even though they have so many great pie/roll options in the warmer.
Always so tempting to buy chocolates, ice cream and cakes when we go there!
There was a vegan bake sale that day and all funds raised went to animal rescue. 
CLEARLY I had to donate and buy a vanilla raspberry cupcake and a choc peanut butter one :)

My friend is addicted to Guzmen Y Gomez so I agreed to accompany him and suss the vego options.
I was worried that it couldn't possibly be better than Mad Mex.
Mad Mex always provides TAAAASTY burritos with Mexican rice, beans, salad, grilled veggies, guac etc.
Turns out Guzmen Y Gomez provides pretty much the same thing so that was good.
Slightly more expensive but also slightly more flavoursome.

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