Wednesday, 8 August 2012

La Panella Bakery.


 Sausage roll.

 Curry pie.

 Jam doughnut.

Chocolate muffin.

 Chocolate walnut slice.

 Veggie pastie.

Coffee cinnamon scroll.

Remnants of an apple pie (FRENZY before I could photograph... the shame.)

Mushroom, veggie and veggie meat pie.

The softest and most delicious wholemeal bread I've ever eaten - $1.80. 

My downfall.
The end of days.
Gym membership = useless.

The intense love and hate that I felt for my boyfriend the day he took me to La Panella still resonates in me.
Basically he was like "so there's a vegan bakery in Preston, 5mins drive from your house... wanna go?"
Me - "yeah whatever, you're so obsessed with bakeries, how good can it be?"...

I've spent a good hour tossing up whether or not I should share this here as the shame that follows is depressing...
So we walk in to the bakery, I see that there are shelves and shelves of vegan marked treats.
Of course everything is old world prices, $1.50 vegan sausage rolls, $2 pies, $1.30 jam doughnuts etc. etc.
Well what choice did we have?
We bought it all.
There was a FRENZY, I don't know what came over me.
Seriously, we spent $20 and got 11 items plus a drink... ELEVEN BAKERY GOODS FOR UNDER $20.
Although we didn't eat ALL of it on the pavement outside, we did eat most of it...
I drove home a broken and bloated lady.
What am I meant to do with myself now that I know there are AMAAAAAAAZING $1.50 VEGAN SAUSAGE ROLLS RIGHT NEAR MY HOUSE!?
*sigh, my will power has been doing double time.

Anyway enough of the rant, I am sure you get the idea by this point.
La Panella = cheap, delicious, vegan bakery goods and certain doom to my bathroom scales.



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  1. Yep, it's the best! Last weekend we stopped by and bought a bunch of cold mushroom pies to take home and freeze for later. Can't wait to warm them up.