Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Su Life.

Ok, second new awesome vego/vegan place in Mount Gravatt - Brisbane.
Su Life Vegetarian.
This place is two weeks old, no online presence so I will have to take charge!
We stopped in to the Palmdale Shopping Centre (weird old dodgy shops opposite Garden City) for Nandos chips on Christmas day.
Yes, we are obsessed with Nandos chips and yes, we find Christmas day a fitting time for them.
Anyway here I am heading towards the Nandos door and Jeff decides to run like a crazy person in the opposite direction across the huge carpark.
Although I did not know why, it did not surprise me, he does stuff like that.
I assumed he saw an awesome dog/shoe/leaf etc.
I yelled out "what the hell!? NANDOS INSIDE ME NOW!! Come back!"
Then I saw it, a shiny new sign above a tiny little new place across the car park.
Su Life Vegetarian Restaurant.
I then decided to join him on the manic run :)
Another new place!
We took a menu and started planning when we'd come back for some.
Epic story aside, this place is AWESOME.
It's fast, cheap, super friendly family-run style and TASTY!

First visit we got;
Dumplings - 10 for $7.90
Fried rice - about $8
Rice noodles and veggies - also about $8-$9
Japanese "chicken" curry with rice and veg and tofu and pakora - $10.50 (HUGE and DELICIOUS)
Japanese bento of fried "chicken" steak with rice and veg and pakora - $10ish

There were three of us and we almost finished it.
So very good.
Immediately planned a return trip.

Second visit not as successful.
Got the curry again as it was stupidly good.
Tried szechuan tofu - $10ish and a dumpling noodle soup - $9ish.

Curry won again.
Tofu not so good, too silken and gooey and not quite my type of flavours.
I had never had szechuan before so I'm glad I finally tried it at least.
Soup was good but not overly seasoned.
Dumplings good though.

We've marked all these dishes off the menu and intend on going back to try it all!
I HIGHLY recommend, bring all your friends!
This place is vegan heaven.
I worry about Brisbane businesses staying alive, let's keep them going and cruelty-free! :)

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