Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Green Vegetarian restaurant.

So Brisbane is not known for having many vego/vegan eateries but in the last month I have found two newbies right near my house!
This is crazy as it means Brisbane's vego places is up to about eight (ish?) and my suburb alone is up to THREE!!

Anyways the first place we found was just up the road from Loving Hut in Holland Park - called Green Vegetarian on Logan Road.
This is the only online presence I can find.
Anyway after two dining experiences here, I have mixed emotions.

The first time I had wontons as an entree - $6ish (yum, but no pics) and BBQ pork and dumpling noodle soup for a main - $11.50 (double yum!)

Second visit though I had a rice "chicken" roll and samosas as an entree (both around $6 I think) and they were less exciting.
The roll was interesting, very crunchy and the "chicken" was pretty good.
The samosas were as can be expected, hard to go wrong but not overly interesting.
We got "beef" and potatos and "pork" and chilli lemongrass for mains.
The "beef" dish was $15 and only had a few strips of "meat" and was mostly potato, kinda weird and boring.
The "pork" was much better (also $15 but a much more generous serving).
So I've had hits and misses but I think I'd stick to the cheaper soups as it's much better value (and flavour) for money.
All that aside, every vego place that appears is a total win for man/animal/planet-kind and I am so happy to have more options around Brisbane :)

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