Monday, 24 October 2011


Naan bread is made with yoghurt and usually ghee or milk too.
Eating out at Indian places just got a little sadder.
Eating in however, there is nothing to fear.
Space Bazaar on Logan Road near Garden City sells bulk packs of vegan naan!
It's only a few dollars for a three pack but each naan is a bit bigger than a pizza, huge.
I buy the pack then cut the naans into single serve pieces then freeze.
On curry nights I grab a couple out, cover them in fresh minced garlic, oil and salt then bake 'til crispy - amazing.

Also, a great cheat's naan is Pampas reduced fat pastry.
You cut it into pieces, then throw in a hot fry pan.
When bottom side is cooking add fresh garlic, oil and salt (and I add chopped herbs) to the top then carefully flip.
Each piece puffs up in the pan and you just press it down with spatula.
It's cooked and crisp in about a minute and tastes JUST like chewy naan.

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