Monday, 24 October 2011

Face of Australia.

It can be hard and EXPENSIVE to find cruelty-free make-up.
Unless you buy super pricey mineral eco organic blah blah from Myer, it's tough.
I spent a solid 40mins looking at the back of every mascara and eye liner in Priceline a few months back and almost gave up before I came across Face of Australia.
They're completely cruelty-free and super cheap too!
I use the mascara and eye liner and both have been good.


  1. Wow thanks! This is awesome!
    Just what I've been trawling the internet for - a complete, professional, cruelty-free make-up range :)

  2. You're welcome bro. It's only $10 for the mascara and even cheaper for the eyeliner. This pleases me as I love animals and am also a huge tightass when it comes to make-up! Amy :)