Friday, 9 March 2012

vegie head.

stuck for meal ideas, or just feel like drooling over some veg-friendly photos of food?
i know we all use vegan yum yum as our culinary bible, but have you heard of vegie head?
i've been following vegie head on facebook for about 4 months, so it's probably time for me to share her with you...

adele (a.k.a. vegie head) creates recipes (and evolves old favourites) which are vegan (vegetarians welcome, too!), often raw, and all very healthy (desserts included!)
there are a wealth of recipes available on the website, and she's releasing a cook book very soon!
she's from melbourne, australia which makes sourcing the required ingredients (and for the extra-enthusiastic; attending her cooking classes) very easy for like-minded aussies.

here's an example of vegie head's deliciousness:

'chard, leek and cannellini bean soup'
have fun getting inspired and playing :)
<3 ginny

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